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We focus on providing excellent workmanship and exceptional customer service. Edensfield landscaping ensures pride and care is taken in every aspect of what we do. Going the extra mile is standard and our pursuit for perfection is an ongoing daily process.

We offer our clients the professionalism of a large company with the personal touch and service of a small business.

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We stock the widest range of artificial grass in the Capetown. We ensure that we only choose the highest quality materials, even our budget grass and paving is a more premium grade than our competitors and it’s always cheaper buying direct from us!

Whether for home or commercial application, we have an artificial grass and paving to suit your requirements and budget. Also we offer a free site visit with sampling service which allows you to choose the samples of your choice, so you can see and feel the quality of our products before you buy!

We pride ourselves on offering the best prices on the market and believe that you won’t find our products cheaper anywhere else – if you do, we’ll beat the price, and that’s a promise!

I’m sure you will agree, Artificial Grass is the future of a great looking garden and has improved a lot over the last 10 years.

We have built our product range to have the most natural looking artificial grass for your lawn. In modern times, time is so minimal and many people are turning to a low maintenance garden.

Obviously, you are already thinking of changing your existing lawn and we are glad that you have found us. All of our grasses are manufactured ensuring the quality is excellent at all times. We very rarely run out of stock of any product due to the large quantities we are able to purchase and store in Cape Town warehouse

Experiencing wet and muddy or dry and patchy surfaces – Capetown gardens battle extreme weather patterns as a result of rising global temperatures more so in Cape Town. Our gardens require a lot of time, effort and care to maintain, principally because lawn care is so challenging and time consuming. Sustaining healthy, lush, cut-to-size grass is a battle for even the best of British gardeners. A fake lawn offers a year-round solution, as well as valuable maintenance savings for your pocket, your planet and your time.

  1. Artificial grass which is otherwise known as synthetic lawn is low maintenance and pet friendly, making it a versatile product in terms of application. 
  2. Synthetic grass does away with allergy issues. For instance, in cases where children might be allergic to grass, synthetic lawn is the ideal alternative. This makes growing and playing outside a fun experience again. 
  3. Artificial lawn is so versatile that a number of homeowners have installed it in their bedrooms, on walls and even on ceilings. However, the most common application of synthetic lawn is of course in landscaping.
  4. The production of artificial turf has grown so much over time that it has evolved to look more realistic, with different types of grass fibres that resemble dead particles.
  5. The upside to using synthetic grass in landscaping projects is that it can be curved and shaped according to any type of garden, big or small.
  6. Oftentimes, homeowners may find a particular spot in the garden where the sun doesn’t always get to. As such, you’ll find that the grass doesn’t grow in that part of the garden.

    People spend crazy amounts of money to try and get their grass to grow, especially in shady areas.

    Pairing synthetic grass with some stepping stones and pebbles will revive an area like this and create a space that can be used to its full purpose.

  7. With the more modern types of buildings going up, garden space is often limited or non-existent.

    In such instances, artificial turf can be installed in smaller garden areas, providing a green patch all year round with no maintenance needed.

  8. In the past, rooftops weren’t normally considered areas that people would use. Nowadays, however, rooftops can be decorated and furnished to suit the individual’s needs.

    Together, apartment owners and landscapers can design and create beautiful rooftop gardens that can be used for recreational purposes.

  9. The advantages of installing artificial turf is that it stays green all year round, does not have to be mowed or watered and can be installed virtually anywhere.

    Artificial grass can save homeowners money due to its low or no maintenance factor. You don’t have to get it mowed, no fertiliser is needed, neither is a sprinkler system.

    The different options in terms of artificial turf are endless and a person would only be limited by their own imagination.

Our four main things we will need is the paving bricks, river sand, plaster sand, and cement.

Paving bricks can be sourced from our local suppliers yard or direct from our manufacturer .

In most instances our salesman will give you the best price on the paving bricks and include delivery.

Philip sand is used as the bed the paving bricks are laid on and a mixture of Philip sand and cement is brushed into the openings between paving bricks to secure them in place.

Paving bricks come in all shape and sizes and the amount of paving bricks to make up a square meter will depend on the paver you have chosen. If you’ve chosen our bond pavers or interlocking pavers measuring 50 x 100 x 200 you will get 50 bricks per square meter.

Bond & Interlocking Pavers

Application Driveways Paving, General Paving & Gardens

Size 50 x 100 x 200

Pallet Qty : 500 Bricks Per Pallet .

Qty per sqm : 50 Bricks per Square Metre

For us to workout, the correct amount of pavers needed, the client first have to choose the paving combination.

Make use of the friendly EDENSFIELD LANDSCAPING consultants and let us show you what works best and how much pavers needed to complete your paving job give us a call today.

How we prepare the ground for paving

The first step is to prepare and level the area we want to pave. Ground preparation is very important and will prevent problems like the pooling of water, loose bricks, and sagging paving.

The top layer of the soil needs to be removed so that we can get rid of any grass, weeds, roots and big rocks. We must also keep in mind to slope the paving level away from the main structure and always make sure we have adequate drainage to handle heavy water flow.

Once the level is in place the soil needs to be compacted with a plate compactor to create a solid base for the paving stone to sit on.

The minimum slope for water to run off is 1% but the minimum slope for new paving that we would recommend is 2%. This will keep the water away from the house and out of your pool. This will also allow water to drain and not run off to fast to cause damage to the rest of your garden.

Does the client need to install drainage for paved areas?

When we pave between walls and passages we need to think where the water is going to run off to. If a problem area presents its self it is better to spend the extra money and install a few drainage points.

It might be more effort and cost a bit more but the cost of water damage to your property and installing drainage before paving cant be compared.

Preparing the base for laying the paving.

After the soil had been leveled and compacted a layer philip sand of about 20cm thick is applied. The Philip sand can then easily be sculpted to join other levels or to fit in under doors and gates.

To get the desired level and slope of the paving bed we use a straightedge to level out the river sand.

If the paving bed is prepared correctly and compacted the paving stones will sit firmly on the river sand. This is also helpful should the need arise to lift up the paving stones in the future!

Depending on the use of the paving there are a few patterns to choose from, but the patterns are not “use specific” and in most instances, the desired look for the paving always wins.

The 4 most commonly used paving patterns are the Basketweave paving pattern, Herringbone paving pattern, Running paving pattern and the Circular paving pattern.

The Basketweave paving pattern is one of the most popular paving patterns because it is easy to install but attracts attention. Pavers can either be laid level or on an angle, side by side two pavers at a time.

The Herringbone paving pattern is also a favorite and fits into any irregular space. It can be laid at a 90 or 45-degree angle. It’s also a strong interlocking paving stile & works great in driveways and patio areas.

The Stretcher Bond paving pattern or Running paving pattern is a popular choice for patios and walkways that carry a lot of foot traffic. It can also be used to gives a formal and professional effect.

Circular paving patterns are great for creating focus points or starting points that can be combined with the Basketweave or Herringbone paving pattern. Cobblestones or Circular pavers can be used.

We will be using the herringbone pattern as an example. The herringbone pattern is very popular and stable.

To get started,we need to find the line we want to use. Our lines could be following the edge of a wall or match up with other paving or tiling.

We start laying paving from one of the corners and work the way down by laying out the paving pattern. To keep the paving straight we place some builders line along the intended path.

We lay the pavers next to each other as tight as possible. Each paver can be gently tapped with a rubber hammer to make sure it is bedded into the river sand base. As pavers are added we make sure they are flushed with the previous pavers and firmly bedded.

Following the paving pattern, continue to add more pavers to cover the whole area. When we get to the outside edges we leave open gaps. Once we are done we can come back with the grinder and cut the needed paving pieces to fill in the gaps. If we do not want to fill the gaps we can also do a border around your paving, area. For our Safety Glasses, Dust mask & Earplugs when working with the grinder.

It is important to remember that if the boundary of the paving is not against a wall, the edge of the paving must be laid on a bed of cement to ensure the paving does not move. Once all this is done it is time to do the grouting.

We use a very Philip sand to get in between the bricks and fill up the gaps. To ensure that the paving bricks are locked in place a mixture of plaster sand and cement is used. The mixture consists of 1 part cement to 3 parts sand.

The mixture is applied in a dry state and using a broom we will need to sweep over the surface a few times to ensure all the gaps are filled in. Once this is done the surface can be lightly sprayed with water and gaps that open up can be filled in with leftover grouting.

Inspect the paving surface and if they is a few high spots or uneven paving, we use the plate compactor to smooth out the whole surface again. Once everything is level we remove any leftover grouting and lightly clean the paving.

If the steps were followed and the preparation, compacting and laying was done correctly your paving area should be usable in a few hours. For the best results, it is advisable to let the cement and grout mixture cure for at least 24 hours before walking and utilizing the new paving area.

What Our Clients Say

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Newton and his team were very professional. I used him for the installation of artificial grass in the front garden. His pricing was good. The team arrived on time, did an exceptional job and cleaned up afterwards. I would highly recommend them and have already asked for another quote for a second job to pave a large area.
I will recommend him to anyone. His Job is excellent and neat. He has a great personality. I even referred him to my neighbors, they loved him so yes he is a great man I wish him all luck.
We received such great service from Newton and his team. The work was done quickly but there was still attention to detail. When the work was done the entire area was cleaned and even the road outside our house was swept clean - leaving no trace of the rubble, cement and sand. Highly recommend Newton and his team. We are thrilled with our beautiful garden!
What a wonderfull service we recieve from Edensfield landscaping was so nice and excellent i recommend others to use this company it's really affordable and they do work on time

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